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Stephen Joseph Craig

is a producer, director, and editor based in Orange County, CA. His commercial work has won awards and brought success to his clients. His feature debut, distributed by Terror Films, was cited as being "a fearless embrace of cult filmmaking" ( with "conciousness-expanding visuals" ( Through his company, Stephen Joseph Craig Productions, Inc., he is able to use his passion, expertise, and growing network of industry professionals to benefit others.

Stephen Joseph Craig Productions, Inc.

was created on the premise that if we as visual artists share our skills and passion with our clientele, the result will be a rewarding solution for all parties involved. Every video is treated with the care and respect of a passion project, from development to applying the final touches. That's because every project, big or small, is an opportunity for us as much as it for those we serve.


The Team

Collaboration is everything. While Stephen works closely with clients from conception to completion, often wearing many hats, much of our strength comes from our network of award-winning industry professionals. These artists and crew members cover every important detail of a project and make the experience a delight.

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